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There are many different kinds of buses in UK. With that many buses and routes it becomes incredibly hard to find the bus that you want. If you want to find the bus routes that will take you to your final destination read on.

Travel - Private and Public Transportation

Good practice

This section provides examples of good transport practice taking place around the UK and elsewhere. The stories here show the many ways in which companies, local authorities, schools, tourist attractions and others are addressing the need to reduce car use. They provide evidence that people can be encouraged to leave their car at home and travel by other means, that innovative policies can and do work. The aim of these case studies is to encourage and inspire others to tackle transport problems.

Active travel

•Cycle training: London Borough of Lambeth gets people started
•Cycling provision: Devon County Council takes cycling seriously
•Walking policy: Camden's 'streets of London' are transformed for pedestrians

Designing for people

•Home Zones: The community plays a central role in Manchester
•Living cities: Birmingham shows blighted city centres can be brought back from the dead


•Freight onto rail: Major retailers get things moving
•Freight onto rail: Securicor Omega express parcels take the train


Green holidays: Opportunities for car-free tourism open up around England
•Local authority green tourism initiatives: The Car-Free Leisure Network bring results

Public transport

•Buses: Lancashire's X1/X2 service provides a quick link to Manchester
•Buses: Newcastle's new ultra low-emission Quaylink bus service rolls into action
•Buses: Trent and Barton provides branded services in the East Midlands
•Rail services: Can Ultra Light Rail provide the third way?
•Rail services: Communities in the Welsh Valleys get the chance to 'adopt' a station
•Rail services: Germany's Bahncard shows how a national railcard can work
•Rail services: Regionalisation of rail brings results in north Germany

Road safety

•Road safety: 20mph zones make Hull the road safety capital of Britain
•Road safety: Community brought into efforts to control speed in Warrington
•Road safety: Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety makes streets safer
•Road safety: School children challenge speeding drivers

Smarter travel choices

•Community travel planning: Hereford heads towards traffic reduction
•School travel: Runnymede Borough Council brings in yellow buses
•School travel: The Evington project in Leicester aims high on safe routes
•Traffic reduction: Langenlois, Austria, has turned people from the car to the bike
•Workplace travel plans: Employers get to work on workplace travel plans

Transport for all

•Social inclusion: Merseytravel's Joblink bus joins people with opportunities
•Social inclusion: Public transport services achieve inclusion in South Yorkshire and Merseyside

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