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There are many different kinds of buses in UK. With that many buses and routes it becomes incredibly hard to find the bus that you want. If you want to find the bus routes that will take you to your final destination read on.

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Transport in the UK 2016

Few people would disagree that transport in the UK is in crisis. Road traffic is growing by the day, leading to congestion, pollution, safety concerns, health problems, climate change and for many a reduction in the quality of life. The total distance travelled by all motor vehicles in Britain is almost 500 billion kilometres, more than 40 round trips from Earth to the planet Pluto.

Meanwhile, if all the cars in Britain were lined up head to tail they would go twice round the world. These figures are frightening but things are set to get even worse. The latest figures show that traffic is rising by 2 per cent annually, enough to make a big difference in just a few years.

Today traffic dominates our lives.

Despite cancelling some environmentally damaging road schemes when it took power in 1997, the Government now seems convinced that motorists want another big road-building programme. And the roads lobby is exerting pressure on local authorities and regional government to bring forward schemes. There are around 80 schemes currently in the national roads programme, many of which will damage wildlife sites or beautiful landscapes, and all of which will ultimately generate extra traffic.

Meanwhile, the alternatives to the car are too limited. Public transport in many areas remains inadequate. Trains are expensive and fall short of people's expectations, bus use continues to decline in many parts of the country and in London the Underground has reached capacity. Meanwhile traffic danger, a poor quality street environment and fear of crime prevent many people undertaking everyday journeys by walking and cycling.

Make the Most of the Traffic

Yes traffic is annoying and yes it seems that congestion is getting worse everyday but what many businesses are becoming aware of are the advantages. Commuters are sat in their cars in gridlock with nothing to do but wait.

If you're stuck behind a bus with a big, bright advert on the back our going to notice it and will often take an interest in the product or service being advertised. If this same bus drives through the centre of town, the advert on the side will get noticed by another 30 people. If that same bus drives the same route 20 times a day then hundreds of people will have noticed this advert.

Take advantage of traffic and an in increasing demand of public transport and get your product or service on the side of a bus for the whole town to see. To find out more about the marketing opportunities for your business click here.

Rail Improvements

But the future for transport is not without hope. Rail improvements are being made, some cities such as London and Brighton have shown that buses can be turned around, trams have made a comeback after being taken off the streets to make way for the car in the 1950s, more roads are getting traffic calming, workplaces up and down the country are encouraging 'green commuting', and schools and parents are working together to help children walk to school once more.

The message is clear: we do not have to accept a future of traffic hell. There is another way forward.

Some of the Best Bus Routes in the UK are listed below. They are punctual, reliable, frequent, run on useful and popular routes, go through beautiful places and their users see them more than as a purely functional means of transport:


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